Overnight heavy fighting rocks Libya’s capital

Tripoli, Violent clashes erupted Monday dawn in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, between armed brigades of the Presidential Council government.

According to sources from Abu Salim area, where the clashes took place, the fighting was between Central Security Brigade (Ghaniwa Brigade) and the Eighth Force (Al-Nawasi Brigade.) Both are under the umbrella of Interior Ministry in Tripoli.

The sources said that the two armed groups fought over an armed vehicle.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses in Tripoli said the violent clashes were heard clearly in different areas around Abu Salim, down town the capital.

No reports about injuries and deaths have been published.

In the meantime, calm has descended on the clashes’ area since the early Monday morning, but damage to cars and houses as well as shops were seen in the aftermath.

Tripoli has seen intermittent clashes more than once over the last period.

Source- The Libya Observer

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