Syria missed ‘golden opportunity’ at peace talks, says UN mediator de Mistura

Geneva, A political solution to Syria’s conflict may require “new ideas” to move peace talks forward, the UN’s top mediator said. For seven years the conflict has shown no sign of ending despite several attempts at peace.

Staffan de Mistura, the UN’s Special Envoy for Syria, on Thursday said the latest round of peace talks aimed at advancing a political solution to the Syrian conflict was a “missed golden opportunity.”

“I did not see the (Syrian) government really looking to find a way to have a dialogue and negotiate during this round,” de Mistura said. He described Syrian government envoys as unwilling to meet opposition representatives face-to-face, which forced all communication from both sides to take place in separate meetings with UN officials.

“I will probably need to come up with new ideas, parameters, about how to move the talks forward, particularly on constitution and elections,” Mistura added.

Source- Deutsche Welle

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