Hamas says no disarmament unless ‘Palestine’ occupied

Gaza, HAMAS leader Mr Hussain Abdulhadi who overseas Foreign Media Unit/Information Centre in an exclusive interview with Manish Rai, Editor of ViewsAround and a Geo-political analyst, says that HAMAS will never laid down its weapons unless “Palestine” is occupied.

This interview was carried out in an online correspondence with HAMAS Information Centre. This paper includes answers to the questions, which were received via Hamas Information Office’. Mr. Hussain Abdulhadi answers the questions.

Q: How you see proposal of USA to move its embassy to Jerusalem?

The US primarily took this decision in 1995, but the American Administrations have postponed its official announcement successively till they found that possible due to the absence of Arab countries’ unity.

Q: Do you think Palestinian Authority is playing a positive role in ending the seize over Gaza?

The reconciliation process is going on and we hope that this process will result in unity government and responsibility, then, will be shared by all factions.

Q: Can you see any prospect of Palestinian unity in near future?

Yes, we hope so.

Q: How you see the role of Egypt in reconciliation talks between HAMAS and Palestinian Authority?

It is a major role that helped and supported Palestinians in their reconciliation talks.

Q: Is HAMAS considering any proposal of disarm itself for reconciliation with PA?

No, as far as the occupation is on Palestine, Hamas will never lay down its weapons

Q: How do you see the role of Iran in various conflicts going on in the region?

Iran has a regional role in the area and has its own policy to decide how to act.

Source- Ekurd Daily

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