U.S. military convoy hit by suicide car bomber in Afghan capital

KABUL, Afghanistan — A suicide car bomber struck a U.S. military convoy in the Afghan capital on Wednesday, killing at least eight Afghan civilians and wounding three U.S. service members, officials said.

Najib Danish, deputy spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said another 25 Afghan civilians were wounded in the morning rush-hour attack near the U.S. Embassy, which destroyed several civilian vehicles.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released by the militant group’s own pseudo news agency, Amaq.

U.S. Navy Cpt. Bill Salvin, a military spokesman, confirmed that three soldiers were wounded in the attack, adding that they “sustained non-life threatening wounds, are in stable condition , and are currently being treated at coalition medical facilities.”

Salvin said the armored personnel carriers that made up the convoy, which are designed to withstand large blasts, returned to a coalition base under their own power, according to the Reuters news service.

The ISIS claim of responsibility came with the terror group’s customary embellishment of fact, claiming eight U.S. troops were killed along with “a number” of Afghan forces.

Two U.S. Army Rangers were killed during a raid on an ISIS compound in Afghanistan at the end of April.

Source- CBS News

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