November 2015

Libyan Faction Assails U.N. Envoy

UNITED NATIONS—The Islamist-aligned political faction that controls much of western Libya accused the U.N. special envoy to Libya of bias as a mediator in his efforts to broker a unity government in the war-torn country….

New assaults on ISIS in Iraq and in Syria

Iraq-Syria border (CNN)A thick column of black smoke hangs over the Iraqi Syrian border near the town of Ash Shaddadi in Syria ‘s Hasakah province. Above the area are the circular contrails of coalition planes….

Iran May Withdraw From Syria Peace Talks

Tehran, Iran will withdraw from talks for peace in Syria if the discussions turn into a forum for political bickering that fails to address the plight of the Syrian people, a senior Iranian official said…

UN Pushes for Final Libyan Unity Agreement

TRIPOLI—The United Nations on Monday urged Libya’s warring factions to agree on a unity government after they were offered proposals to ease concerns over regional distribution in a U.N.-backed power-sharing deal. The U.N. said in…